Lava Heat Italia, Tabletop Patio Heater Review

Lava Heat Italia: Tabletop Heater Review

Lava Heat Italia Tabletop Heater

At first I was a little hesitant to order this tabletop heater, mostly because I read all the reviews out there and there were a lot of mixed reviews….it seems as if people who bought this either loved it or hated it. The older version was quite pricey for a table top heater, but the good reviews were so convincing that I bit the bullet and ordered it from Amazon.

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No Assembly Required! It comes assembled…

Propane Compartment for Lava Heat Italia Tabletop HeaterThe heater arrived completely assembled, which is awesome!! No need for assembly or tinkering with confusing parts, nuts and bolts, I started to feel relieved and was starting to feel good about my purchase. I popped in a 1 lb propane cylinder which easily fits in it’s base, completely out of view, pushed a button, and it was on! It took less than 3 minutes for me to open the box, pop in the liquid propane, and get it working. Super easy and quick.

Before ordering this heater, I noticed a lot of the negative reviews that said it wouldn’t turn on or that the pilot light would be out. I did a lot of research before buying, so please note, this is important: The unit needs to be completely level in order for the pilot light to ignite, and the heater is very sensitive to this. I can see how it can annoy some people, but it’s built that way as a safety feature, so it’s good to have if there are kids or pets around. We have it sitting on our deck, which isn’t very level, so we put a bit of cardboard under one of the corners and it works just great!

Heat Output & Light

If you bought this after the Fall of 2016, they updated the tabletop heater with an easy start ‘rapid-spark’ push-button igniter, and the flame height is fully adjustable which is pretty cool. There is a low and high setting for the flame, and you can see a noticeable difference in flame height when you adjust between these settings, it goes from a soft glow to a full column of flames.

Heat source is at the top of the unit.Heat is provided through the flames, but is output at the top of the heater.  This is why the heat is going to be weaker than your traditional umbrella style heater which is much more direct and efficient.

The heater pumps out 10,000 BTU’s of heat for 5-6 hours depending on your heat setting, and can be felt up to a 2-3 foot radius surrounding it. The 360 degree heating radius is amazing. This is definitely not the warmest tabletop heater in comparison to similar heaters, but it works well in a partially enclosed or small area.

Size, Weight, Portability & Usage

Strong flames output by Lava Heat Italia Tabletop Heater
Heater set on full power. Very mesmerizing, and impressive.

If you’ve read our other reviews on tabletop heaters, they are all about the same size, this one stands up at 3 feet tall, weighs about 16 pounds, and is easy to move around. It only needs a ceiling clearance of 2′ and can be used on a covered patio or deck.

The Lava Heat Italia heat lamp utilizes a stainless steel and aluminum pyramid shape, unlike most of the other ones out there that have more of an umbrella shape, which is nice because the solid base feels more sturdy and less likely to tip over. That being said, some people don’t mind it on the table, but others have said that because the base is wider, if it’s sitting on the table and you’re trying to have a conversation around it, you won’t be able to see through the heater.

We have our Lava Heat Italia tabletop heater sitting in the corner of our covered deck, it fits perfects and it’s great for parties, entertaining guests or even just for myself as I spend most of my time in this area of my home.

The small form factor allowed us to bring this heater camping, outdoor activities, and bonfires. My brother borrowed it and brought it fishing, and he liked it so much he keeps ‘forgetting’ to give it back to me. It may also be used with a standard 20 lb LP BBQ tank (aftermarket connector hose required) which can be used for up to 160 hours between tank changes.

Safety, Durability & Accessories

If safety is one of the most important features of a tabletop heater, then this is probably the best option for you. It has a sensitive auto shut-off, anti-tilt feature, and has a tempered glass tube that encloses the flame; which makes the single-piece protective steel grill around the flame compartment always cool to the touch, and ensures a safe distance between you and the flame.

The heater’s tempered glass tube is not water resistant, so it is best to move it away from the elements while in use, or cover it with a Lava Heat Italia cover when not in use.

Our Verdict:

Our Score

Visually this tabletop heater is very appealing, it looks great and has a modern, high-end design. It definitely complements any outdoor space, as opposed to being an eyesore like some of the older, bulky, ddangerous heaters and the more commercial units. Hands down, this is the most attractive looking heater in it’s category!I really like that this heater is backed by a solid 3 year factory warranty, where most of the other manufacturers only offer a 1 year warranty. I haven’t had to contact them yet, but Lava Heat Italia’s customer service reviews on Amazon look pretty decent overall. Lava Heat Italia heaters are also originally designed and engineered in Italy which is nice, definitely something you don’t see often anymore.

This heater definitely isn’t the strongest in terms of the heat that it gives off, which is about a 2-3 foot radius; because of the glass tube that encloses the flame, less heat is emitted, but it’s great for safety, and still keeps a covered patio/deck or small area comfortably warm. It lights up quickly and the heat and flames are fully adjustable, which really sets the mood and creates a nice ambience.

It’s a good size, easy to move around, has a sturdy base, and less likely to tip over because of the way the heater is designed. But, because the base is fairly wide, it can be hard to see the person across from you if you are sitting around it. It’s great for entertaining or the outdoors, only needs a ceiling clearance of 2 feet and can be used on a covered patio or deck.

Definitely the best tabletop heater from a safety perspective, as it has a sensitive anti-tilt feature that shuts off the heater automatically, a tempered glass tube that encloses the flame, and the protective steel grill around the flame never gets hot, so you can touch it.

Overall, a great product, and we highly recommend it!

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