Best Cupolas for your home

The 3 Best Cupolas For Your Home

Whether you need a cupola for decoration or for functionality, it can be installed as a beautiful accessory for your home, or as a working vent to help with air flow, ventilation, and condensation through your roof.  Here are the 3 best rated cupolas that have been tried and tested not only by us, but by friends, family, and readers like yourselves!

Accentua Teton Cupola

Cupola with Copper Roof Cap
Accentua Teton Cupola

This cupola made by Accentua definitely gets the job done at a good price, and looks great!  It arrived quickly and was shipped in secure packaging, plus the copper roof was wrapped very well to protect it from any shipping damage.  Packaging was separated into 3 sections: the copper roof cap, the louvered vent section, and the base which includes the sill. The copper roof was shrink-wrapped in plastic to protect it from the oil on your hands while you are handling it.

It is a well-made product, works well for a small house or shed, and is easy to instal – no parts or screws were missing, and the assembly instructions were easy to follow.  If you’re installing for cosmetic purposes only, without cutting a venting opening in the roof peak, it takes about an hour or so for installation. The bottom of the base is straight on all four sides, which gives you flexibility for the proper cuts based on your roof pitch (the base allows cuts for roof pitches as steep as 10/12).

All 3 sections fit well together and since they’re made out of PVC, it should be maintenance-free. The roof cap is particle board underneath the copper, but it shouldn’t get exposed to weather. We pretty much have no complaints about this cupola, the only minus was that the screws provided in the kit should be painted white so they don’t show. The long screws for the base came painted white, but the shorter screws to attach the cap wasn’t.  This model is not designed to be used with a weathervane, so if you want a cupola that can be used with a weathervane, the Olympia model below is our favorite and also very highly rated.

Accentua Olympia Cupola

Accentua Olympia Cupola
Accentua Olympia Cupola

This is one of our favorite cupolas, it is an excellent product, made of high quality materials and looks amazing!  Price-point is great for the quality you get, there are cupolas out there that cost a lot more and are of either similar quality or not even built as well as this one.  The base, midsection, and trim around the roofline are all made of PVC vinyl, the roof is made of copper, and only the sheathing inside the roof is made of wood, which is common for most cupolas.

It arrived earlier than expected, all parts were packaged securely and had no damage, plus it came with everything needed for installation.  Instructions were clear and easy to follow, we had this installed in about an hour and a half. You can instal this cupola on pitches that are as steep as 10/12, and the base is uncut, so you can customize/cut the base to match your roof.

You can put a weathervane on this cupola, it has a ¾ inch hole in the top for a weathervane shaft, and a brace inside to support the bottom of the shaft.  It comes in two different sizes – 20 and 24 inches. The vinyl can also be painted as well – although we didn’t paint ours, you can use a high quality spray paint.

Good Directions Kent Vinyl Cupola with Wood Roof

White Cupola with Wood Roof
Good Directions Kent Vinyl Cupola Wood Roof

We love that the Good Directions cupolas are all handmade in the USA and have a lifetime warranty.  They offer a pretty wide range of sizes you can choose from, which is nice because most of the cupolas out there only come in one or two sizes.  It was well packaged and arrived without any damage. The cupola came in 3 different sections with assembly hardware and instructions that were easy to follow – installation was pretty smoothly, it took about an hour and a half.  

It’s a good quality product, made of a high quality PVC vinyl, so it should be maintenance-free.  The cupola fits up to a 10/12 pitch roof, is weathervane ready if you need it, and it includes a pre-installed weathervane bracket inside the roof to make installation easier).  You can also paint the cupola any color you want with exterior acrylic latex paint.

We definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a cupola with a wood roof finish at a good price.


If you’re looking to jazz up your cupola, you can add a weathervane to it – just make sure you buy a cupola that is made for a weathervane, otherwise you’ll have to cut a hole on the roof of your cupola yourself, which is usually not recommended unless you really know what you’re doing. These are our favorite weathervanes:

Eagle Weathervane – Polished Copper with Roof Mount

Eagle Weathervane
Good Directions Eagle Cottage Weathervane Polished Copper with Roof Mount

Bantam Rooster Weathervane – Pure Copper

Rooster Weathervane
Good Directions Bantam Rooster Weathervane – Pure Copper

Trotting Horse Weathervane – Pure Copper

Horse Weathervane
Good Directions Trotting Horse Weathervane -Pure Copper

Cheap Weathervane for the Budget Conscious Shopper: Weathervane with Rooster Ornament

Cheap Weathervane
Montague Metal Products 24-Inch Weathervane with Rooster Ornament

Hummingbird Garden Weathervane – Polished Copper with Garden Pole

Hummingbird Weathervane
Good Directions Hummingbird Garden Weathervane – Polished Copper with Garden Pole

Rabbit Garden Weathervane, Blue Verde Copper with Garden Pole

Rabbit Weathervane

Good Directions Rabbit Garden Weathervane Blue Verde Copper with Garden Pole

Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane – Pure Copper

Eagle Weathervane
Good Directions Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane – Pure Copper

American Bald Eagle Weathervane – Pure Copper

Bald Eagle Weathervane
Good Directions American Bald Eagle Weathervane – Pure Copper

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