Best Outdoor Storage Benches

Best Outdoor Storage Bench

The one thing every deck or patio needs is a outdoor patio storage bench.  

It is functional, practical, and you can easily and quickly store items you use in your outdoor space, plus it also can be used as extra outdoor seating!  

I love that I can hide everything unsightly quickly when guests are coming over … It has saved me a few times, when we had friends come over unexpectedly, I literally just threw everything I didn’t want them to see inside the storage bench.  Some of the outdoor storage benches look so nice, most people just think it’s a nice seating bench and don’t even realize it’s for storage.

There are so many options out there, different sizes, durability, different materials, pricing, and quality.  If you’re looking for something that works both as an outdoor storage box and as patio furniture, we’ve tested out almost every single one out there, and these are our top picks!

Keter Westwood Plastic Storage Container Box – Outdoor Patio Bench

150 Gallon – Brown

Plastic Outdoor Storage Bench
150 Gallon Outdoor Storage Bench by Keter

One of our favourites is the Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Box.  It looks amazing, has a realistic wood-paneled finish and texture, is easy to assemble, extremely durable, and weather resistant.  It not only works as a stylish deck storage box, but also doubles as a bench to accommodate your family and guests.  

Assembly was super easy, basically ‘snapping’ in the pieces, with a few screws for stability, and took about 20 minutes.  Unlike some outdoor storage benches that have a curved lid, this bench has a flat lid, which prevents objects on top of it from sliding down when closed, and it can seat 3 adults comfortably on the bench, while still feeling sturdy.

It’s pretty big and offers a lot (150 gallons) of storage capacity; bigger isn’t always better, but trust me, you will be able to fill this up!  This outdoor storage box also has ‘fancy’ soft-opening hinges and comes with a lockable lid (for a small lock) to ensure that all your belongings, whether pricey outdoor tools, toys, or patio, deck, and pool accessories, are kept hidden and safe.

Home Styles Montego Bay Outdoor Storage Bench

Eucalyptus Finish

Wood Outdoor Storage Bench
Montego Bay Outdoor Storage Bench by Home Styles

This bench is definitely one of our top picks for deck storage benches.  It looks SO nice, we have received so many compliments about it, and have had friends asking where they can buy one too.  Overall I’m very happy with this storage bench. It’s made of a good quality wood, sturdy, and functional. It’s not only pleasant to look at, but it keeps everything stored inside almost completely dry all year round – even through major rainstorms and snow.  The top slats are tongued and grooved, so about 98% of water is kept out, basically enough to keep things from getting moldy.

I was pleasantly surprised that assembly was easy and straightforward, all the pre-drilled holes lined up perfectly; it took about 45 minutes to have it all set up and ready from the time I opened the box.  We’ve had 2 adults seated comfortably on this bench while still feeling sturdy. The bottom is not solid and sides are slatted (like a shutter), depending on your needs it could be a pro or a con – we prefer it because it lets the items stored inside ‘breathe’ a bit.  

It is made of real wood, and naturally all wood weathers outdoors, so rain and snow does take a toll on the outdoor storage bench.  My recommendation is to give the lid of the box one or two coats of stain or sealer once a year, and you’re good to go!

Keter Brightwood Outdoor Patio Storage Box

120 Gallon – Anthracite, White, or Brown

Deck Storage Box (and bench)
120 Gallon Outdoor Storage Bench by Keter

This may sound vain, but we originally bought this patio storage box because of the color – we were looking for a dark grey color to match our other furniture, and this was perfect!  It also comes in white and an espresso brown color as well which both look great as well.

We are very pleased with this box, it came well packaged, the instructions were easy to follow, and it only took 10 minutes to put together.  It came with seven basic pieces (six sides and a two-piece bottom), all the parts clicked into place and there were only 14 screws required for the whole assembly.  There is an option to use a small lock to keep your items secure if needed.

This deck storage box is huge and is great for storage – it holds 120 gallons, we throw in all our patio cushions, patio accessories, and even a few gardening items.  It’s super easy to clean, and even though we keep it outdoors and uncovered, all the contents inside have stayed completely dried – no water whatsoever. It has gone through 2 tough winters and still looks great!

Our only issue, which was a first after quite a few Keter products we have purchased, was that it was missing a few of the screws – we contacted them and they were very helpful and sent us the missing screws right away!

Keter Sumatra Outdoor Storage Rattan Deck Bench

135 gallon -White or Brown

Rattan Outdoor Storage Patio Bench
135 Gallon Outdoor Storage Bench by Keter

If you’re looking for a nice looking, large outdoor storage deck box, in white (it’s hard to find a nice one in white whicker), this is it!  It does come in a brown color as well, holds 135 gallons, and it literally fits everything – it holds all our thick patio furniture cushions, and there’s still room to put some of our other outdoor stuff we have lying around.  

The patio storage bench is very well designed and allows an easy snap-together assembly, you just need a simple screwdriver to mount the hinges and lid latch.  The slow-close hinges are a super useful feature when putting items in and taking them out, the lid stays up when you open it and you don’t have to hold it open.

After going through some pretty heavy rains, and left uncovered, not even a drop of water got inside this outdoor storage chest.  I did forget to close it all the way one time, so some water did get in, BUT all the water was contained in two small channels at the bottom, and everything inside was still clean and dry.  The quality is great, it’s very well made, and it looks amazing!

Keter Novel Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

90 Gallon – Black

Plastic Outdoor Storage Box
90 Gallon Plastic Outdoor Storage Box by Keter

If you’re looking for a strong, no-fuss, good-value outdoor storage box, we definitely recommend this one.  You can hose it down and clean it quickly and easily (no scrubbing or cleaning between all the little grooves like with wicker), you never need to paint or stain it (like with wood), it’s weather-resistant, and will not peel, rot, or rust.

We like that it’s lightweight but still very sturdy, it’s a great size, holds up to 90 gallons, and we haven’t had any water get inside!  We’ve had ours for a few years and this has withstood all weather year round, many heavy rainfalls, and snow. Assembly was very quick and easy, and their instruction manual was very clear.  It has short legs to elevate the box and provide some air circulation and keep the interior ventilated.

Overall we absolutely love this, but the only slight downside to this outdoor storage bench is that the top lid gets quite hot from the sun – you can usually sit on it, but if it’s been out in smoking hot weather all afternoon, put a towel or cushion on it before you sit on it – bonus: it can seat 2 adults comfortably and sturdily, which is great!

Rattan Outdoor Storage Bench With Cushion

60 Gallon 

Rattan Patio Storage Bench
60 Gallon Outdoor Storage Bench with Cushions by Barton

This patio storage bench is a nice-looking piece of furniture to have on your patio. You get great value for the durability, aesthetics, price, and quality (the material holds up in the sun, wind, and light rain).  Our favorite thing about this bench is that it’s practical and looks amazing – most of our guests don’t even realize they’re sitting on a storage bench!

It’s a good size, holds 60 gallons, is very comfortable to sit on, and it actually comes with a seat cushion.  Assembly was a breeze, it was easy to assemble, came with clear instructions, and all the screws aligned perfectly.  We also love that his outdoor storage bench is good quality, looks great, and is not cheap looking.

If you are looking for something that is light to medium duty, this is your storage bench!  The cushion is water-resistant and you can store your patio/pool accessories, garden tools, shoes, toys, etc.  The only slight downside is that it’s not waterproof, so some water can get inside. If you live somewhere where it rains a lot, it would be best suited under a covered area.

You can seat 2 adults (up to 400 pounds) comfortably and we’ve have had this for 2 years now. It still looks like new and we have no complaints yet!

Suncast Mocha Resin Wicker – Outdoor Storage Single Bench Seat

22  Gallon

Single seat outdoor storage
22 Gallon Outdoor Storage Bench Seat by Suncast

This is definitely our top pick out of all the smaller outdoor storage bench seats.  It’s well-made, easy to assemble, keeps everything inside dry, it’s priced reasonably, and it’s functional. Items can be stored inside it, and it doubles as a seat as well!  It seats 1 person comfortably, and it really looks great!

It’s really easy to install, you don’t need any tools at all. There are 6 pieces that come inside the box, you basically just snap in the pieces, and voila – you have your outdoor storage bench seat!  The quality of the material is very strong and durable – for us it has withstood extremely heavy rainstorms, where not even one drop of water got in, and everything inside was completely dry!

We usually like to bring up a few cons or something negative about the products we review, but there is honestly nothing bad we can say about this outdoor storage bench seat we’ve experienced, and have had absolutely no issues with this product.  We have friends who love this so much they even use it inside their home – it’s a great storage solution for indoors and outdoors!

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