Best Fire Pit Covers Reviewed

3 Best Fire Pit Covers: Ultimate Outdoor Fire Pit Winterization & Protection.

While fire pit covers are fairly straight forward products, it’s important to find the best one to fit your specific fire pit.  We have identified some cover variations that teach you how to select the right fit, material, anchoring methods, and design.

There are a lot of options out there, so we did all the work for you and – we’ve tried and tested all the most popular outdoor fire pit covers and left them out in all types of weather to see how well they held up. We purchased all these products ourselves, none of the fire pit covers are sponsored, so this is our honest, in-depth review of which ones we liked the most.

Fire pits themselves aren’t cheap and it’s surprising just how many people don’t get a cover to protect it.  These outdoor covers aren’t expensive and it can not only greatly extend the lifetime of your fire pit, but it also keeps your fire pit looking nice and new for much longer.

Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover – Waterproof 600D Heavy Duty Patio Fire Pit/Bowl Cover

Best Round Fire Pit Cover
Best Fire Pit/Bowl Cover – Shown in Round Black
Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover - Best Round Beige
Best Fire Pit/Bowl Cover – Shown in Round Beige

The Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover is our favorite by far! 

It comes in both circle and square shapes, and in many different sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your fire pit or fire bowl.  It also comes in two colors: black or beige.  

Right when you take it out of the box, you can tell that it’s well-made, and made of a strong, sturdy material.  It offers all-weather protection against the rain, wind, sun, snow, dust and dirt.

Elastic Cord to fasten the cover to your fire pit or fire bowl

Elastic Hem Cord and Strap

The elastic hem cord and bottom strap keeps your fire pit secure and protects from all the elements, especially during high winds and severe weather. They are easily adjusted for a snug fit, with two cinching drawstrings on opposite sides that are easy to adjust, and clips are provided if you need to attach them to the legs.

We found this system to be better than Velcro options which can accumulate a lot of grime and degrade over time.

Fits round or square fire pits in a variety of sizes.
Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

Shapes & Sizes

These covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any fire pit. Additionally, Porch Shield, offers a wide variety of other outdoor covers to match!

Round Fire Pit Cover Sizes:

  • 32” Diameter x 16” High
  • 36” Diameter x 20” High
  • 40” Diameter x 20” High
  • 44” Diameter x 24” High
  • 50” Diameter x 24” High

Square Fire Pit Cover Sizes:

  • 28″L x 28″W x 25″H
  • 32″L x 32″W x 16″H
  • 36″L x 36″W x 20″H
  • 40″L x 40″W x 20″H
  • 44″L x 44″W x 24″H
  • 50″L x 50″W x 24″H
Fire Pit Cover Weatherproof Material


It is made of 600D durable polyester fabric (which is known as a high durability and strong fabric), with a water-resistant laminated undercoating added.  After being out in the rain during our rainy season, we noticed it beads the water and our fire pit is completely dry.

durable double stitched seams

Double Stitch Seams

All the seams are double stitched adding strength, which prevents tearing, leaks, and fights wind.

Waterproof fire pit cover

Waterproof & Weatherproof

This Porch Shield outdoor fire pit cover is 100% waterproof! The water-resistant backing keeps your fire pit dry, and the seam sealing tape keeps it waterproof.


This outdoor fire pit cover also comes with an amazing 3 year warranty!  We’ve had ours for two years so far and it still looks good and is going strong – no tears, cracks, mildew, or leaks. Ours is very slightly faded, but as expected with our harsh weather here.


We love this outdoor fire pit cover – It looks great and matches the other covers we have for our patio furniture.  It has kept our fire pit dry, the material is thick and heavy, and the cover is well made.

Depending on how tall your fire pit is, we also recommend that you consider getting a slightly larger fire pit cover size, because the overhang will cover and protect it right down to the ground, while making it easier to fasten the clips provided at each leg

A few of our readers who bought this asked us about tightening and adjusting the elastic hem.  Start by adjusting and tightening the elastic hem rope around the bottom; then hold the draw cord lock and slide it up to keep it secure.  It’s a bit stiff at first, but after 2-3 times it was easier and works great!

Tip: We also put an inflatable pillow on top of our fire pit before we put the cover on, this allowed the water to bead and drip down instead of pooling on top – you can use anything you have lying around, just so water/rain doesn’t stay pooled at the top for months during the rainy/winter seasons.

Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof 36 Inch Round/Square Fire Pit Cover

Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof – Round Fire Pit Cover shown above.
Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof – Square Fire Pit Cover shown above.

We’ve had the Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof fire pit cover for just over one year and it survived a pretty harsh winter, with heavy rain and snow, and still looks like new with very minimal fading over the summer.  The quality of this fire pit cover is pretty comparable to the Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover; they’ve both held up pretty well but we like the Porch Shield cover a bit more for aesthetic reasons only – the black cover matches all our other coverings better, and the Duck Covers only comes in brown.

Square Fire Pit Cover Fabric Closeup
Protect your fire pit from the sun, rain & snow.

Material & Fabric

This fire pit cover is made of a super durable fabric with UV protection, is rain-proof, and double-stitched seams hold it together well and prevent tearing.  The material is thick and strong, and the material is actually manufactured with a UV stabilized fabric to help prevent it from fading.

Waterproof with double stitched and sealed seams

Double-stitched, Tape Sealed Seams

All the critical seams are tape sealed, which helps prevent water from getting in, and all the seams are double stitched for extra durability. 


The material is waterproof, it survived our harsh winter with rain and snow, so we can definitely attest to that.

Velcro Scraps for easy removal and attachment

Rip-n-grip Straps

Their velcro straps are easily adjustable to fit snugly around the fire pit, giving it a tight, custom-like fit, and 2 inch wide hooks and loop straps are provided to secure the cover in place.


The fire pit cover comes with a two-year limited warranty, but ours still looks new even after over one year, so it’s looking pretty promising so far!


Our deck is not covered or enclosed, so our patio furniture covers need to hold up against all the elements – wind, sun, rain, and snow.  We are definitely impressed by how great it looks after having it for over one year, and have no complaints about it – no tears, very minimal fading, and it has kept our fire pit dry!

If you live somewhere where it rains and/or snows, a tip we use is it to put something small, like an outdoor inflatable pillow on top of your fire pit, before you put the cover on.  This allows the water to bead down and not pool at the top for a long period of time – thus, extending the lifetime of the cover, and reducing the chance of water seeping through.  Definitely do not want to deal with cleaning rust off our fire pit, or even worse, damaging the fire pit.

If you’re unsure of which size to get – unless it’s super close, like off by less than an inch (even if your fire pit is a tad larger, you can get the recommended size because it is a bit roomy); otherwise we recommend buying the next larger size. We ordered it through amazon, so you can also buy two, see which one fits better, and return the one you haven’t used (free returns on amazon).

AmazonBasics Outdoor Round/Square Patio Fire Pit Covers

Amazon Basics - Fire Pit Cover - Round
Amazon Basics – Fire Pit Cover – Round Fire Pit Cover shown above.
Amazon Basics - Fire Pit Cover - Square
Amazon Basics – Fire Pit Cover – Square Fire Pit Cover shown above.

If you want a good fire pit cover, and you don’t need it to hold up against super strong wind, rain, or snow, then this one will do the trick.  It’s probably the best “cheapo” one out there, and is better than the flimsy covers that come with most fire pits when you buy them.

Durable Material

The fire pit cover is made of 100% woven polyester fabric, with a water-resistant backing. The material is not as thick and heavy-duty as the other two previously mentioned, but it’s good enough to endure wind, sun, dust, dirt, and some rain.  


We left it out during the spring, summer, and fall, and it kept the water out even during the rainy season; however, it is not made for snow, so we would not recommend that you leave it out during the winter if you get snow.

Amazon Basics - Fire Pit Cover - Air Vents

Air Vents for Air Flow

The fire pit cover has air vents to prevent condensation and billowing around in the wind; however, you don’t actually see the vents because they are ‘integrated’ – basically the vents are the seams that are sewn to help air and wind breath through the seams.

Ventilation for patio furniture covers is important to keep moisture and condensation from being trapped. The added air flow allows for the furniture to dry over time. These vents also help to avoid billowing on windy days.

Amazon Basics - Fire Pit Cover - Elastic Bungee Cord

Elastic Bungee Cord for a Snug Fit

The elastic bungee cord at the bottom ensures a snug fit that holds securely in place, even during strong winds. Combining the bungee cord (for a snug fit) and air vents, we found this to work very well even on windy days. Other covers were noisier and less secured.


It comes with a one year limited warranty, which is pretty standard


Overall, for the price, you get what you pay for – it does the job but we wouldn’t recommend it for harsher weather. There also aren’t many size options like the other ones – the round fire pit cover only comes in a 60 inch in diameter size, and the square fire pit cover measures 42 x 42 inches.  A few people have complained that it is a bit short, so I guess it depends on what you’re looking for, make sure you check the dimensions.  

We hope you enjoyed our in-depth review of our favorite outdoor fire pit covers – make sure you protect your investment so you can enjoy it for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do Square Fire Pit Covers come in?

Square fire pit covers usually come in various heights including 16″, 20″ and 24″. Widths and Lengths typically include 32″, 36″, 40″ and 50″. Usually the taller the cover, the wider it is. Custom sized square covers are available, but tend to be more expensive.

What sizes do Round Fire Pit Covers come in?

Round fire pit covers come in various heights including 16″, 20″ and 24″. Patio cover diameters come in 32″, 36″, 40″, 44″, 50″ and 60″. Custom sized round covers are available, but tend to be more expensive.

How do you prevent fire pit covers from sagging?

To prevent fire pit or fire bowl covers from sagging, simply add an inflatable pillow underneath to create a teepee which allows water to flow off the cover. This will help to avoid pooling of water, which reduces the lifespan of your cover. Inflatable pillows (often referred to as airbags) may be purchased through Amazon, and are available in a variety of sizes. An optional Air Pump may also be purchased.

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