AZ Patio Heaters: Electric Tabletop Heater Review

AZ Patio Heaters: Electric Tabletop Heater Review (HIL-1821)

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Electric Tabletop Heater

I was a bit unsure and almost skeptical before I purchased this electric tabletop heater for our outdoor patio. Was it worth it? Would an electric heater even provide enough heat and possibly some light? Finally after a few weeks of bouncing around these questions, weighing out the pros and cons, and reading all the reviews I could find, I decided to take the leap and ordered it on Amazon.AZ Patio Heaters have been around for quite some time now, I see their products at some of the retail stores, so I assumed it should be a pretty decent brand. This electric tabletop heater packs in 1,500 watts of power, provides infrared heat and is made of stainless steel… sounds promising.

We purchased this tabletop electric heater for about $130 on Amazon

Easy Assembly… in under 5 minutes

The tabletop heater arrived well packaged and it was easy to put together and assemble – it comes with a few screws, which is all you need for assembly. It plugs into a regular 110 Volt outlet through a 8’ power cord, and with a push of the on/off switch – voila! You have near instant heat!

Heat Output & Warmth

The heat lamp lights up instantly and produces heat right away, and features variable temperature control. It has 2 settings to turn on one or more coils that heat up. As this tabletop heater is electric, it can be used indoors, making it great for guest rooms, man-caves, and even if you just need an extra heater around the house.

It does heat up the surrounding area pretty well, and the heat that it gives off is warm and comfortable. I find it works best in a small backyard, front porch, or partially enclosed deck. Mine sits on a tabletop between 2 chairs and it gives off just enough heat for me to enjoy my early morning coffee outside, and enough heat and light if we want to relax and unwind in the evening. It’s also great when we have guests over, it gives off enough warmth to keep about 4 of us sitting around the table comfortably. I would say it can help remove the chill if you are within 3-7 feet of the heater, but not really ideal for windy or cold days.

Ambient Light

We were pleasantly surprised by the light that it gave off which is quite bright, in comparison to propane/gas powered heaters. We can see how this may not be a positive feature for some people, but this can be easily overcome by placing it on the floor or in the corner for a softer candlelight ambient mood.

Size, Weight & Portability

Admittedly, it is a littler larger than I expected. I know they have the measurements on Amazon (38 inches tall), but it didn’t really register when I ordered it. I expected it to be about the size of a table lamp, but this is pretty much twice as big.

It’s portable in that you can move it easily, but it is fairly big and heavy so maybe not something you want to move often. It’s sized perfectly so it can be easily stored away when the weather warms up.

Usage, Safety, Durability & Accessories

I really like that it’s super easy to turn on at a flip of a switch and I don’t have to light it like some propane heat lamps. Speaking of propane tabletop heaters, in comparison to an electric tabletop heater, you don’t need to change the propane canister / tank; and, if you are living somewhere humid (like Florida), you don’t need to deal with propane tank rust from the summer humidity.

This electric heater is super sturdy and has a weighted base, so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over. The heater is IP55 rated for being water resistant, although I haven’t tested it out myself, but AZ Patio Heaters created a short video on Amazon showing water being sprayed at it while it’s on. Included is an Anti Tilt Switch which immediately shuts off your heater if the heater tips or falls over. A valuable feature for families with children or pets, and if you don’t want your house to burn down.

At the time of this review, we’ve left ours outside for over 6 months; it’s doing fine and it still looks brand new. Bonus points for durability! Although I don’t use a heat lamp cover for it, you are able to buy one from AZ, which has great reviews on Amazon.

Our Verdict

The AZ tabletop electric heater is definitely a keeper! It’s a strong quality built product, has a polished finish, and the heater’s sleek modern design make for great value. Assembly was a breeze, requiring less than 5 minutes, and a few screws to get it going. Plug it in, and you have heat!

Although this sounds a bit vain, but I like that it looks ‘expensive’ and is definitely much more attractive than the heat dish we used to use. It’s great not only as a heater but has good lighting as well. Perfect for cool/chilly nights, but not if it’s too windy or cold.

Indoor use is great, and at first sounded a bit strange, but a friend of ours moved it into their man-cave and it has never moved since.  It actually works quite well, and doesn’t look as awkward as it sounds.

It isn’t the hottest lamp, it’s only 1500 watts, which would be perfect for four to five people seated around a table. The price point is great for what you get, it’s obviously not going to be as good as a $350+ heater, which we will be reviewing in the future, but it’s definitely worth what you pay.

Having it for a little over 6 months, kept continuously outside, it still looks great. A solid product, that we recommend to family and friends.

Usually priced at around $140, we were able to find it at $130.  It often goes on sale.  Check the latest price.

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