Hanover: Round Wicker Patio Heater Review

This wicker style full size patio heater is one of the best we’ve seen so far. The wicker propane housing is sturdy, and well made. We’ve seen some other wicker style patio heaters in the past, but they are often either square or use flat edges to create a dome like shape, but this heater does away with all of that, by providing a smooth dome purely from wicker.  Hanover Products specializes in outdoor furniture and accessories, and the quality and experience shines through.

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This patio heater was packaged very well in the box.  You can tell a lot about a company and the quality of their products before you even see it.  All the parts were well protected, and they weren’t squished in the smallest box possible, rather it was packaged in a way to protect all the parts from shifting around.

It was looking good before we even started assembly; as we were taking out the parts, we could tell that this was a good quality product – all the parts were smooth with no sharp edges, and the weight of the patio heater was solid and not light nor flimsy.  The wicker was very natural looking, and consistently braided, with no loose loops or ends hanging out.

High quality wicker.


We were impressed not only by the packaging, but that the nuts and bolts were well organized and clearly labelled, which made assembly super easy and straightforward.  It also came with a wrench (which we used), and a professionally made user manual with large print, which was clear and easy to follow.  All the holes lined up properly, without having to bend or force certain parts into place.

The heat shield which came in three pieces, had a blue film over it to protect it from being scratched – it was a bit tedious to peel off, but certainly appreciate that it came with it, as we’ve come across heat shields that had dents in them or were all scratched up from other patio heater companies.

Assembly time was pretty quick, it took about 45 minutes for one person to assemble, and then We popped in the propane tank, connected the hose, and it was ready to be fired up!

Ignition & Heat

Turning on this patio heater was super easy.  You press and turn the control knob to “High” (keep the knob held down), press the red igniter button until the main flame is ignited.  Wait about 10 seconds after ignition, and then release the control knob.  You can then adjust the temperature to your liking.  The instruction manual gives you all these instructions clearly, and they also recommend that you turn the control knob to “Low” after ignition, and leave it there for 5 minutes before adjusting to your desired temperature setting.  The patio heater started up right away and we had no problems with ignition.  The igniter itself is battery operated, which makes it a pleasure to use, and bonus points to Hanover to including a battery.

There is a knob that lets you control the heat output, from low to high heat.  This patio heater pumps out 41,000 BTU’s of heat, keeping everyone around or near it comfortable and cozy.  Depending on the weather and wind chill, it gave us about 6 – 8 ft. of comfortable heat.

The Low setting is perfect for 1-2 people, I turn it on to take out the chill in the morning when I’m having my coffee on my patio, or if I’m relaxing outdoors in the evening.  You can adjust the heat all the way up to the High setting, depending on the area you want to keep warm, and how many people you have near it.

Features & Warranty

This Hanover patio heater stands up at 7 ft tall, which is a pretty standard height.  The hollow plastic base can be filled with sand to keep the heater sturdy, and also comes with wheels to make this patio heater portable.  In our tests we were easily able to roll the patio heater around with just one person.

A sturdy cage is formed on top of the base using three support brackets to house the propane tank, which is all concealed well by the wicker cylinder housing.  The hollow post which leads up to the head is fully painted and finished for weather and rust protection.

The model we reviewed was the brown wicker with stainless steel accents, and it comes in black wicker as well.  One difference to note is that the brown wicker option uses a stainless steel finish for the pole, whereas the black wicker option uses a brown finish on the pole.

Both look great!  It just comes down to personal preference.

It comes with a one-year limited warranty, and so far we haven’t had to call their customer service line for any warranty issues.

The Verdict

While it does cost a little bit more than some of its competition, but the quality of this product definitely surpases some of the budget products we’ve tested in the past.  The product is well-made, good quality, none of their parts were cheap or flimsy, and most importantly, the patio heater works great!

If you need a heat source that is safe, easy to put together, good quality, and looks amazing, we definitely recommend this patio heater!  It’s a great addition to your outdoor space, small or big, and will keep everyone warm, cozy, and comfortable outdoors.

Where to Buy

Hanover products are kept well in stock on Amazon, and you can take advantage of free and express shipping options.  Enjoy more time outdoors, and grab one of these heaters.  You won’t be disappointed.  Buy now from Amazon.

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