Best Outdoor String Lights

Best Outdoor String Lights

Choosing the best outdoor string lights was a tricky task, with so many different styles and options available. Our selection criteria was based on build quality, light output, style and functionality. The majority of our picks are LED String lights as we found that they perform the best, outlast traditional lights and are energy efficient.

Your idea of string lights could very well differ from what comes to our mind when we think of string lights, and is made obvious when doing a quick search for “Outdoor String Lights”. To make this as easy as possible we’ve outlined all of the different styles along with our top picks!

Globe String Lights

Good lighting can really transform a space, and we are loving these outdoor string lights we picked up! These are so versatile, you can use them indoors or outdoors – on your patio, backyard, for parties, or just beautifully lighting up a room. Adding string lights to your space is a quick and easy way to instantly jazz it up and make your home look amazing. They emit a soft glow and really create a comfortable and cozy ambience.

We really like these outdoor globe string lights because you get excellent value as they are well-made and inexpensive. We’ve received so many compliments on them, everyone loves them, and they work and look amazing! We ordered these on Amazon because they were cheaper than anywhere else we price shopped. There are a few different options you can choose from, the string lights come in: pure white, warm white, and in black wire, green wire, or white wire.

The 25 foot Globe String Lights come with 25 clear G40 bulbs, are end to end connectable, and have 12 inches of spacing between bulbs. The bulbs are made of glass, so be careful because they can break – the bulbs are replaceable, and you can buy a box of replacement bulbs here. They last a long time, but we accidentally broke a few so the extra bulbs will come in handy.

We’ve had quite a few of our readers asking us this, so please note: Only the 25 foot long string lights can be connected (we attached 3 strings together, but you can attach more). The 33 foot 100 LED Globe Ball String Lights are NOT attachable, but they are longer, so we recommend that you measure out your space.

The 33 foot LED Globe Ball String Lights come in pure white or warm white, and the bulbs are spaced 3.9 inches apart. This string light is pretty cool because it comes with a remote and has a timer function. The remote controls 8 different modes that have different flashing effects.

These outdoor string lights are definitely safe to use outdoors, as they are waterproof, weatherproof, have low power consumption, and are designed for outdoor use.

This may sound cheesy, but the possibilities are endless with these and you can really get creative. If there is one upgrade you can give your outdoor space, adding string lights will instantly give it a makeover and look great!

A helpful tip: before you hang the string lights, take out all the bulbs. We didn’t have any issues at all with the bulbs breaking, even when we wrapped it around a pergola.

Tube Rope LED String Lights

These rope lights are more durable as they are housed using a bendable PVC Tube cover which makes these LED lights water and weather resistant. Installation is fairly easy, however you may want to opt for some mounting clips to hold them in place. Light output is quite strong as the PVC helps to distribute the LED light.

Wire Rope LED String Lights

Wire rope lights are great for ambient lighting and is very bendable due to the copper wire. These lights are waterproof, but in our experience they do not hold up as well as the tube rope LED string lights, which are fully waterproof. If you’re artsy or crafty there are a lot of super simple DIY project ideas out there which gather the rope lights in a confined object like a jar, to produce a starry lantern affect!

Adhesive Rope String Lights

A relatively newer type of string lights is this adhesive style which makes it very easy to install. Simply peel back the adhesive backing and stick onto a clean surface. It can also be cut to size along the indicated cutting marks (usually 3 LED lights apart) to create a perfect fit. These lights can also be extended for even more coverage. We found that this style of string light worked best when bouncing the light off of a surface, so that you’re never looking directly at the LED’s. This produces an ambient glow with color, brightness and different modes to choose from, this is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Battery Operated LED String Lights (Portable)

These inexpensive battery operated LED “Fairy Lights” are a great way to add a bit of light anywhere you are. Although they are meant to be disposable, the built-in batteries last over 64 hours non-stop, which should be long enough for any party. Cool to the touch, these are very safe, and are fully waterproof. We found ourselves using these as a functional centerpiece while dining outdoors, and is lots of fun for the kids!

Curtain String Lights

Outdoor curtain string lights provide a good amount of light to the surrounding area. The warm white LED’s put off a nice soft glow, which can be softened even more with some curtains or sheets. We surrounded our pergola with these and the light was perfect. The curtains also serve as a barricade so guests stay safe. There are 8 modes, but we found ourselves using the twinkle/flash or steady on modes the most. The curtain spans 9.8 by 9.8 feet, so you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Ornamental / Christmas String Lights

These ornamental string lights are always a crowd favorite and easily one of the most versatile and best outdoor string lights we’ve used. Battery powered with 3 AA batteries makes these ultra compact and portable. As the LED housing is solid white, it gives off a softer glow which is great for lighting up outdoor spaces. Buying options are available as they come in 14.8 Feet, and 32.8 feet in multi-color, warm light and Christmas.

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