AZ Patio Heaters: Pyramid Patio Heater Review

Quite possibly our favourite patio heater we’ve found so far!  Aesthetically, the pyramid style patio heaters are mesmerizing to look at, and a crowd favourite.  The heat output of these are the only drawback, but if you are looking for at purchasing this for entertainment value, with ample heat to prolong your time outdoors, then look no further.

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Assembly: Easy

Assembly was very easy, and the instructions are easy to follow.  It took me just under 30 minutes to put this patio heater together.  I recommend taking everything out of the box first so you can be organized and get a better idea of all the different parts before you start.

A few tips to help with assembly: attach the heat deflector before mounting the top piece.  Also, the glass tube has a rubber flange on the bottom, make sure you attach that before inserting the tube into the heater.  If you forget, it’s ok, you can bend the framing just a little to reshape it.

Ignition & Heat Output & Light


Is the heat lamp easy to light? Yes! You light the pilot light first and then adjust the flames. Very easy, and the the heat is fully adjustable – it can be as warm or as hot as you like. Tip: when igniting the unit, the initial flame is small, like an old hot water heater – let the flame stay on for about about 15 seconds, then advance the gas.

Heat Output

We gave this patio heater less points because the heat output isn’t great.  Compared to a “traditional” full-size patio heater, the heat is approximately 20-30% less in our experience.  However, the light output more than compensates for the less heat.

Although it doesn’t throw off a lot of heat, but it pumps out 40,000 BTU’s, so if you have it sitting inside a covered or partially enclosed deck, it works great. The heat goes up and the top vent puts out a lot of heat, just make sure you have at least a 1 foot clearance from the ceiling if it’s in a covered area. We bought 2 because we love the ambience it creates on our patio, and it keeps us warm enough if it’s chilly out.

If you’re looking for a stronger patio heater that puts out a lot of heat, you may want to consider a propane patio heater.   You have to sit fairly close to the heater to feel the warmth, within around a 3-5 foot diameter depending on how cold it is.  Alternatively, if you enjoy outdoor dining, you may also want to consider a tabletop patio heater which creates a central heating source for your seated guests.


The unit looks really (really) nice and has a nice long flame that lights up the area.  By far, this is definitely one of the best looking heaters we’ve tested, and would compliment any modern or contemporary patio perfectly.

Features, Safety & Warranty

This patio heater is great if you have kids or are worried about safety. The structure of the unit, which is like a pyramid, makes it very stable and is more unlikely to fall over, in comparison to the other umbrella shaped heaters. It’s also very safe because the flame is inside the quartz glass tube, and the metal grills don’t get hot to the touch. It gets a bit warm, but not hot, so you can touch it.

More safety features?  Yes, it also has an anti-tilt feature, which shuts off the unit if it does happen to fall over. The chances of it falling over are highly unlikely, it’s heavy enough so it can stand up to pretty strong winds, and it can be anchored and bolted down if you prefer to have that extra bit of assurance.

Wheels located on one side, make it incredibly easy to move around. The unit is CSA approved and uses a 20 lb. propane tank, but you can get away with using a 25 lb. tank as well. There is an access door to pop the propane tank in and out, and keep it out of sight.

AZ Patio Heaters provides a 1 year warranty on all their products, and they have good customer service. You can call them any day of the week, and they will ship any of their parts to you within a week from Arizona (from my past experience).

The Verdict

Our Score

Overall, I really like this patio heater. It sets an awesome ambience with the long flame and looks great when it’s lit up. Even though it isn’t the warmest heater out there, it is definitely one of the nicest looking ones.  It sits at a good price point in comparison to other similar looking pyramid-shaped heaters.

Three colors to choose from:Pyramid Patio Heater, 3 Color Options (stainless steel, matte black, hammered bronze)


What vertical (upper) clearance is required?

If you have a ceiling, awning, or want to use this patio heater semi-indoor, the product manual calls for 36″ clearance above and 24″ at the sides to flammable surfaces.

How long will the propane tank last?

Generally 15 hours is what we found, although we never kept it on for that long in one sitting.  The usage time also depends heavily on the intensity of the flame.

How wind-proof is this unit, and can it withstand strong wind? 

Ours has stayed standing through some wicked wind storms. The cover was not on so that may have helped b/c the wind could go through it but we feel like an anchor isn’t required.  The unit does comes with anchor plates and can be bolted down, however the unit is very stable and with the tank weight at the bottom it makes it difficult to tip.

Where can I purchase replacement glass tubes?

There are several ways to get the glass tube replacement. Home Depot, Amazon and the manufacturer’s website.  A friend of ours wrote to the manufacturer and they sent him replacement no charge.

Can this heater be used in a screened in porch?

I’ve seen people use this type of heater in a screened in porch.  Keep in mind that the unit will produce a small amount of CO, but propane burns pretty efficiently, so not a lot of fumes from this unit.  Still, I would make sure there is plenty of airflow.

Does it come with a cover?

No, but you can purchase a cover here, made by the same manufacturer (AZ Patio Heater Cover).

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